Change happens
through movement and movement
Joseph Pilates
My own Pilates journey has been very personal and deeply healing, and it led me to complete my training and certification as a Contemporary Pilates Teacher at Art of Motion, Switzerland. Joseph Pilates designed Pilates as a mind-body approach to physical fitness and overall health and wellbeing.  I am increasingly fascinated and moved by the Pilates method, and I love to share this with others.

With a background in psychology / counselling, I also offer Pilates as a support with topics such as depression, pre- and postpartum stress / depression and stress states / burnout symptoms. I am also a certified Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer exercise specialist.

Pink Ribbon Program TM
The Pink Ribbon Program has been created to enhance recovery for breast cancer patients. The program helps stretch and strengthen shoulder, chest, back and core muscles, allowing the patient to improve range of motion and strength to those areas most affected by breast cancer surgery, treatment and reconstruction. The overall aim is promote healing and regeneration, increase well-being and finding one's way back into one's own body.
Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things
Joseph Pilates
Pilates is a gentle, but efficient, form of exercise. It includes exercises to strengthen, improve flexibility and stabilise the entire body, especially the central core muscles. These support and protect the spine and allow for freedom of movement. I teach contemporary Pilates, which means that classical Pilates elements and principles are integrated with current findings from movement sciences and therapies.

Pilates is suitable for anyone who wants to work on their body in a sustainable way: it is a wonderful training on its own, but it is also an excellent complementary training to other sports such a cycling or running. It is suitable for women and men who would like to work on their pelvic floor health, for any pain episodes or chronic pain sufferers.  Additionally, it is very effective for women during and post-pregnancy.
Pilates is the complete coordination of the mind, body and spirit
Joseph Pilates


In my mat classes I aim to provide a flowing movement repertoire to ensure a holistic, dynamic body experience.  Using your own body weight, and sometimes additional Pilates props for variation, you will effectively train your whole body. My main focus is for you to learn to give your body your full attention and to be aware of what is going on in your body during the whole session

Freedom in Movement

60 min – find strength within
Through Body Reading, I look at your posture and the history of your body, to create a targeted Pilates training programme (also for at home)  that optimises internalised alignment, postural balance and movement efficiency. Ideal to learn the foundations of Pilates and to train good core stability.
A minimum of 5 sessions is recommended.
Session: CHF 120.– / 60min
5 x pass:  CHF 575.– (Valid 4 months)

Personal Training

60 min – individually tailored
or Duo for 2 participants
Personal training on the mat which is individually tailored to you. Ideal to learn the foundations of Pilates, to train good core stability, and allow you to progress to higher levels of strengthening.
(Pilates Suspension Method (PSM) can be integrated).
Personal Training: CHF 120.– / 60min
10 x pass: CHF 1150.– (Valid 6 months)

Duo: CHF 60.– / 60min
10 x pass: CHF 575.– (valid 12 weeks)

Post-Pregnancy Training
After Loss

45 min
Training (focus on pelvic floor recovery as well as the whole body) in a protected setting: with respect and attentiveness I accompany women on this difficult journey, to help them feel themselves again in their own body and regain trust in themselves/ their bodies.
CHF 90.– / 45min
5 x pass: CHF 430.– (Valid 4 months)
Location: Kreuzstrasse 37, 8712 Stäfa

Please contact me if you’re interested in the Pink Ribbon Program TM recovery and training programme (post breast cancer surgery).